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Learn and Play Together!


Set in the heart of prestigious Setagaya neighborhood, the Tamagawa International Preschool has been the aspirational center for the early childhood education.   We adopt wholistic approach for children's healthy growth and consider the early childhood is the most important stage to build their self-esteem and the foundation for life.


At TIPS, airy refreshing garden, an inspiring outdoor play space, spacious nine rooms and easy-to-clean dining area, calm and settled lightning are waiting for children to arrive to  expand their interests and to grow their potentials.  


We encourage children to learn through play, and adopt framework where children can build their strength both mentally and physically.  


Year 2022 marks the 14th year since its foundation, TIPS has been reputable school in the community and are proud of our graduates who naturally show their passion for learning and become life-long learners.  With solid literacy skills and IB learner profiles in their mind, many of them won the competitive seats in reputable elementary schools without much efforts. 


The school has been attracted parents who seek for a settled and healthy educational environment for their children. Our curriculum encourages little minds towards mastery of life, cognitive, and social skills.


We are a premiere, boutique type of solo preschool only located at here in Setagaya-ku, limiting up to 25 students in a class,


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1-17-5 Tsurumaki Setagaya-ku Tokyo 154-0016


Closest train stations

Setagaya station, Tokyu Denen-toshi Line

Komazawa Daigaku station, Tokyu Denen-toshi Line

Sakura Shinmachi station, Tokyou Denen-toshi Line


Closest Tokyu Bus Stop

From Shibuya station to Tsurumaki Eigyosho  

3 minutes walk from Mukai Tenjin Bashi Bus Stop

7 minutes walk from Setagaya Kuyakusho Mae



  1. 渋50 渋谷駅→弦巻営業所行 向天神橋下車徒歩2分
  2. 等11 桜小学校→等々力行       向天神橋下車徒歩2分
  3. 渋21、渋23 世田谷区役所前下車 徒歩7分